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A unique alternative fashion brand founded in 2017 by the fashion designer Yarden Moshe.

JAHTA aims to create a new paradigm in the material world, Jahta celebrates personal identity and what makes us different. 

Our designs and process combine ancient art and techniques with cutting-edge innovation, representing the boundaries of present-day life—between the fast pace and the desire for quiet, between how we are identified and how we identify ourselves. 
Using woven textiles and meticulous sewing, we create timeless pieces for individuals who aren’t seeking the latest trend, but rather clean minimalism and under-the-radar innovation, and who appreciate quality, comfort, and being different. 
Once a year, Yarden travel to India with new designs to produce our pieces. Working alongside local artisans, she put together a new collection rooted in friendship, mutual respect, and freedom.
During this time in India, these artisans weave together collaborative friendships and partnerships based on fair trade work and equitable pay for both women and men. 
JAHTA pieces use natural, sustainable fabrics that were custom-woven just for us and hand-embroidered with cotton threads.
The pieces, which comes in shade of black and  creamy half bleached white  have elegant, light cuts, are perfect for day-to-day urban life.  



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